Terms of Service

Agreement & Termination

I. By purchasing from Aryntius, using our website, or joining our server, you agree to our terms of service, Paypal's terms of service, and Enjin's terms of service. Paypal's terms of service can be found here. Enjin's terms of service can be found here.

II. A ban is defined as the absolute termination of access to our services. By accessing our services, you agree to the following:

  1) We reserve the right to issue a ban to any user at any moment for any reason.

  2) Unless stated otherwise, all bans are final and cannot be appealed.

  3) Bans that may be appealed must follow these guidelines and be posted in this format on our forum exclusively. Appeals posted in any other location or with any other method will be instantly rejected and the user in question will be permanently banned.

  4) Bans may become permanent without any additional warnings or notifications.

III. All terms and conditions are in effect immediately and will continue to apply indefinitely, including (but not limited to) when your account is terminated or if you leave the server.

IV. Violation of our terms of service will result in permanent termination of access to our services without warning.

Payment Policy

I. Our services are provided to you free of charge. You may, however, purchase perks to use on our server. These perks are completely optional and will not, in any way, directly affect gameplay mechanics to create "pay to win" in-game advantages.

II. All purchases are final. Refund requests will not be accepted unless fraud (such as using another person's paypal without their consent) is found on your part. In the case of fraudulent behavior, you agree to compensate us financially for any losses incurred.

III. A chargeback is considered a refund request and will result in the same outcome as II.

IV. Payments must be completed by persons of 18 years or older. Transactions initiated by minors without permission from persons of 18 years or older are considered as fraud.


I. All services we provide are given to you at your own risk. Aryntius, its staff, and its owners are in no way liable for any damages (including but not limited to physical, financial, or psychological damage) incurred from the use, misuse, or failure to use our services.

II. You agree not to present a lawsuit or any other legal challenge against Aryntius and its aforementioned affiliates for any reason.

III. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Aryntius, its staff, and its owners.


We are unaffiliated with Mojang AB, or Microsoft in any way. Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang AB and Microsoft.

Future Amendments

If we decide to modify our terms of service, we will make the changes on this page and update the date below. We reserve the right to change our terms of service at any given time without additional warnings/notices.

Last Modified

August 29th, 2016.